May 4th Public Lecture!

CPP SPS members,
Thursday, May 3rd Dr. Hui Cao will be arriving at Cal Poly Pomona and will be giving this week’s Physics and Astronomy Department’s weekly seminar on her research of photonic nanostructures of random morphology and how light can be trapped in such structures to make random lasers. The seminar will begin at 4PM and will be in Bldg 4-314.

Friday, May 4th Dr. Hui Cao will be giving a public lecture at the BSC-Andromeda at 6:30PM-7:30PM. The lecture will be on the topic of biomimetics, i.e. optical devices and materials inspired by biology. This includes drawing inspiration from nature’s mastery of color production/trick lighting due to the scattering of light by nanostructures(think of a butterfly’s wings which contain no pigment whatsoever). Using this inspiration, research attempts to finely control lasers in biomimetic structures at very small lengths. Drinks and snacks will be provided before the lecture so be sure to come early and get a good seat.

!!!Mandatory SPS Meeting May 3rd!!!

Members, this Thursday(May 3rd) @ 12:15PM we will be having a mandatory physics club meeting. We will be discussing our spring trip to the Griffith Observatory and most importantly, we will be having officer elections for next year’s Physics Club eboard. Please be there to listen to our potential candidates speak and make a decision on who will be managing the most important club at Cal Poly Pomona. It is very important that you attend because the Society of Physics Students @ Cal Poly Pomona influences a very large part of what goes on in the Physics and Astronomy Department, including Seminars, Science Cafes, Public Lectures and Dept BBQs. Hope to see you all there exercising your right to vote!

Zone 18 Meeting this Weekend

Members, if you intend to go to the zone meeting then you must have already signed up and have been confirmed to be attending. Please be sure that you have everything ready to go by Friday as most of the drivers intend to go to Fresno directly after class. Courtney will be taking off at 2pm, Thanh at 3:30pm and Dr. Sadaghiani will be leaving at 12-1pm from Pasadena(you must meet her there). There will probably be another driver so please be sure to get your ride situation sorted by early Friday morning. There will be a schedule at CSU Fresno to follow so everything should be smooth sailing once we get there and get the rooms/tenants figured out. If you have any questions, speak to Courtney, Victor or Hooker and they will be happy to help you out. Have a fun and safe weekend!

4/19 Meeting and Trip

Members, tomorrow(4/19) we will be having a very important meeting to discuss new events and happenings in the Cal Poly Pomona SPS club! Tomorrow, there will be NO DEPARTMENT SEMINAR.  The club meeting however, will begin at noon in room 8-209. In the meeting we will be discussing the upcoming officer elections and the potential candidates for next year. The rules to run for position will be reviewed again so that campaigning and elections will be as smooth as possible. Next, we will be reminding students of all of the fundraisers we have available, this includes but is not limited to: Club shirts(old and new), club vinyl stickers and club projects. Finally we will be discussing the many trips that we will be taking this quarter to the desert for star gazing, Fresno for the SPS Zone 18 meeting and our annual Spring trip to the Griffith Observatory.

New plans have been made for our annual star gazing trip. This year, our very own Clint Hawkins has volunteered to have us at his place and allow us to star gaze in the desert. We will be meeting Saturday at 5PM in B-Lot. We and will be staying overnight for a full night of star gazing and some members will be driving back that night. If you intend to stay, be sure to bring pillows and blankets. Bring telescopes, binoculars or lasers, whatever helps with star gazing. Please remember to RSVP on the sign-up sheet on the club fridge or on our Facebook Page.

Finally, we have updated this site extensively to add pictures of our recent trip to Joshua Tree and our broomball match against KME. New eBooks have been added to our Books Page. I have added an eBook easter egg somewhere on this website if you’d like to look for it! The Events page has been updated to show the most up-to-date information on department seminars and club events. Finally, I will be restyling this website very soon to make it much more user friendly, clean and efficient. Stay tuned!

April 4 Meeting and Zzyzx Meteor Shower Trip

Members, April 4th there will be a club meeting in 8-209 @ noon. We will be discussing future club events and new updates. Shirts have finally come in and are available for purchase. There are sign-up sheets on the club fridge for Intramural sports and the upcoming trip to Zzyzx. Thanks to our contact Mark Helmlinger, we now have an in to Zzyzx for our star gazing trip! We will have a telescope available for use and we will be staying overnight to catch the peak of the Lyrid metor shower.

Also, a few projects to create a railgun and tesla coil have been started or are being planned so be sure to ask around and announce your intent/interest if you’d like to participate in these interesting projects!

Joshua Tree Camping Trip!

SPS members of Socal, on Friday, March 16th we will be taking our annual Spring Break camping trip. This year we will be going to the desert @ Joshua Tree! We will be meeting at the physics club room at CPP at 2Pm and will be taking off from there. The camping trip will be for two 3 days two nights and we will be returning to CPP the evening of Sunday the 18th. Activities will include but not be limited to: camping, hiking, rock climbing, stargazing, playing games. Reservations for the campground have been made and we will be able to accommodate about 20 people. If you’d like to go, please RSVP at our Facebook Event Page. If you will be willing to drive, please advise one of our officers and write your name on the blackboard in the physics club room. Individuals must bring: clothes, water, food(to share or for yourself if you wish), tent(or find one to share), sleeping bags. If you’re sure you’re going, there is a $5 RSVP payable to any club officer. If you’d like more information, feel free to email, message or speak to any of our officers.

Casino Night & Broomball

Members, we will be having a mandatory club meeting Thursday to discuss upcoming events as well as events for the upcoming spring quarter. The meeting will be held at 12AM in the physics club room.

Secondly, this Friday night(2/17) ASI will be having their “Casino Valentino” Night from 7-10PM. We have a three year tradition of going as a club and our eboard will all be going, dressed in their best. Join us for a night of fun and games as we show the house that physics has real world applications. This year Casino Night will be FREE for all students so be sure to mark your calendar and find us there.

Thirdly, broomball has been set for the early morning of Saturday the 25th at 12:30AM. This is very early in the morning but we already have a large crowd of confirmed attendees. We will be playing against the Math Club(KME) at CPP which should make for a good game. Victor has begun taking payments of $10/person for those wanting to attend broomball, be sure to speak to him if you’re interested in joining the physics squad this year. If you have absolutely no idea what broomball is check out pictures from last year’s game >here<.

Thursday Meeting/California Science Center Trip

The KME movie night(Thur, 3-5PM) will be discussed as will the Integration Bee(Friday, 2-4PM). We will making final arrangements for our trip to the California Science center this Saturday and possible drivers for the event. Broom-ball plans have been finalized and will be happening on Saturday, Feb 25th at 12:30AM-2AM at the Ontario Ice Rink. We will be playing against the Math Club so be sure to clear your schedule. At the meeting we will be discussing payment and rules to attend broom-ball. Also, if you have not seen, go to our Facebook Page and check out the new Physics & Astronomy @ CPP vinyl stickers we will be selling! Price has yet to be determined but they will go on sale soon.

The annual CPP Physics Club trip to the California Science Center is February 11th. We will be meeting in the physics club room at 10AM and be dividing passengers among the volunteering drivers. We will take off to the California Science Center at the Exposition Park no later than 10:30AM and should be there by 11AM. KME and the CSULB physics club have been invited to the event so we may have a sizable group going. After walking around the CSC we may go to the aerospace museum next door or to the natural history museum(also next door). Dinner will likely follow after Exposition Park has been entirely explored. Dinner ideas include KBBQ or a restaurant in Little Tokyo.

If you are overwhelmed with the number of events happening or just forgot when/where events are taking place, go to our Events Page where you can find all of the information you need. The events page has information from this entire year as well as information for collaborated events between the physics club and other clubs(AKA KME).

KME Events

This year we have been working very hard to bring you more events than ever before and we have been collaborating with KME(Math) club to bring you events such as broomball and pi day. Due to our continued collaboration, KME has invited our members to join them to a number of events this month:

Thursday, Feb 9th there will be a movie night at the BSC hosted by KME. “Good Will Hunting” is the movie of choice for movie night. The movie will be playing at the BSC Centaurus-1329.

Friday, Feb 10 there will be an Integration Bee in 3-1623 from 2-4pm. The integration bee will involve simple integrations via u-sub, parts and partial sums so anyone that has taken 216 should be easily qualified to enter. There will be students and professors alike, and food will be provided. Our very own Nahom Kifle won last year and you can too!

Finally, KME is fundraising by selling a boxes of the “World’s Finest Chocolate” for $30. Each box contains 50 bars of chocolate which can be sold at $1/piece for fundraising. They have 8 boxes available so if you are interested you can speak to one of our members or the KME officers.

Be Updated!

Members, our new WordPress site now supports RSS and email notifications. Please be sure to go to our main page and register this website on the top right where it says Posts(RSS), By Email(Email). This will automatically route  new posts to this site straight to your RSS/email. This will save you the time of coming to this site every time a new update is made and will keep you as up to date as possible with new and continually changing events! I will be mentioning this at the coming week’s meeting to inform all of our members in person and to demonstrate how to register to the site in person.